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PARENTS – the best influence!

posted Jan 9, 2018, 8:16 PM by Carolyn Isch
Parents, please remember that you are your child’s primary teacher. What you, as parents, say and do is the number one way that your children are influenced; either good or bad. The following are
some simple ways to help your child(ren) be all that they can be.
1. Pray with your children (and as a family).
2. Play with your children.
3. Take your children to church.
4. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Talk to your children about your family values and live them.
5. Reinforce at home what is learned at preschool/school. (letters, numbers, colors, body parts, counting, name writing, cutting, etc.)
6. Set boundaries for your children. Children need limits.
7. If you sense a power struggle, offer two choices. Then the child feels empowered in making the
8. If you say no – mean it and follow through with any stated consequences. Let your child be who they are, not who or what you want them to be. Remember, God designed them the way He wanted them.