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posted Feb 2, 2018, 7:48 AM by Carolyn Isch   [ updated Feb 2, 2018, 7:49 AM ]
Party days for all sessions are as follows:

Orange & Purple: Tuesday, Feb. 13th 
Yellow & Blue: Wednesday, February 14th  
Pink: Friday, Feb. 16th

If your child would like to participate in handing out Valentines and /or small party treats to their classmates, you may want to start him/her signing them early. We want this to be a happy  experience rather than overwhelming!  We decorate Valentine bags as part of our art curriculum. All Valentines should be labeled:
    To: My Friend
      From: Your child’s name
Please do not write your child’s classmates’ names on the Valentines as it makes passing them out so much more time-consuming. There are 20 kids in most of the classes. Ten in Pink.