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Purple Preschool

Yellow Preschool

September 2018
Curious Me!
Spiritual Theme: Self Control
Treat others how you want to be treated. 
 Matthew 7:12
Number: 0
Color: Red
Shape: Circle

October 2018
God's Colorful Harvest
Spiritual Theme: Goodness
Do not forget to do good and share with others. Hebrews 13:16
Number: 1 
Letters: A M S P 
Color: Orange 
Shape: Square

November 2018
Thank You God!
Spiritual Theme: Kindness 
Verse: Be kind to each other. Matthew 5:7 
Number: 2 
Letters: P T I N 
Color: Brown 
Shape: Triangle

December 2018
The Greatest Gift!
Spiritual Theme: Peace
God is our Peace. John 14:27
Number: 3
Letters: N J 
Color: Blue 
Shape: Star

January 2019
Opposites Attract!
Spiritual Theme: Patience
Verse: Wait for the Lord Psalms 40:1
Number: 4
Letters: C L F O E
Color: Black & White 
Shape: Rectangle

February 2019
Sending Our Love
Spiritual Theme: Love
God loves us, so He gave his Son. John 3:16
Number: 5 
Letters:E D H R B 
Colors: Pink 

Shape: Heart

March 2019
Sensing My World 
Spiritual Theme: Gentleness
Gentle Shepherd kind and true. Luke 15:4
Letters: B K G Qu W 
Color: Green 
Shape: Octagon

April 2019
Spiritual Theme: Joy
The joy of the Lord makes you strong. 
 Nehemiah 8:10
Number: 7 8 
Letters: V X Y 
Color: Yellow 
Shape: Oval

May 2019
Friends Forever!
Spiritual Theme: Faithfulness
God is always near us. Matthew 28:20
Number: 9 & 10 
Letters: Z & Review
Color: Purple 
Shape: Diamond