Job Openings

Preschool Lead Teacher & Assistant Teacher: Yellow Class

Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 7:45-12:00 

Start date: Sept. 9, 2024-May 21, 2025 

Summers & Holidays off!  More hours desired? Lead can combine with Child Care opening below.

Child Care Lead Teacher: 

Hours: Thursdays & Fridays noon-close (around 5:00) Beginning  Sept. 12, 2024 - May 30, 2025.
Summers & holidays off!

Assistant Director for Children's Country Preschool & Child Care:  Must be Lead Teacher qualified. 

Looking to find an interested person to mentor and eventually take over the director's position. Inquire for more details. Ideal candidate would start as a Lead teacher in a classroom (see opening above)

For more information or questions, contact Sue Duley, Director, at 763-498-8938 or email

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Email the application and any attachments to or mail to

11024 Church Street NE
PO Box 8
Hanover, MN 55341 

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Children’s Country has a great Christ-centered work environment and is looking for people who are committed to Christ and His teachings and have a true love for young children ages 3- 5 years.

This is a great opportunity to work in a relaxed environment at Children's Country. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to re-enter the work world but also likes their "me" time!