Children’s Country Preschool (CCP) is Built on Traditions

A “hands on” preschool where parents and early childhood educators work together.

  • A non-denominational Christian preschool that helps children begin their journey of growing and developing into joyful, confident and independent people.
  • CCP was established in 1972 and has a strong reputation in St. Michael/Albertville, Hanover and surrounding communities.
  • CCP is licensed by the state of Minnesota and is a non-profit preschool.
  • Our goal is to encourage and stimulate emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth, as well as creativity through our carefully planned curriculum.
  • Time is given to listen and interact with your child as he/she expresses himself/herself verbally, physically and through the joy of pretending.
  • Responsibility is enhanced as your child moves freely through the activity centers, making decisions and solving problems, thereby laying the foundation for future learning.
  • An extended day program was added in 2013. Check out the Child Care/Extended Day Program tab for more information.

Curriculum Offerings

We offer the opportunity for children ages 3 years through pre-kindergarten to participate in developmentally appropriate experiences.


A variety of different mediums are explored and used.


Using nature, experiments, cooking and sensory activities.


With many fun songs, instruments, bean bags and more.


Variety of sensory items, water sand, beads, floam, etc.


Practice writing A,B,C’s and numbers, white boards, tracers, stencils, etc.


Children check out books to take home, share and return.


Dress-Up, Camping, Nativity, Post Office, Housekeeping, Pet Shop, Grocery Store, and more.


Finger plays, songs, and theme-related story each day.


(Manipulatives) Variety of eye-hand, small motor skills developed; puzzles, lacing, etc.


A specific age-appropriate skill is taught. Name writing, listening art, cutting practice, etc.


Two different fenced in outside playgrounds used every day (weather permitting) and indoor equipment.


Two fenced-in playgrounds are used to develop large muscle skills and social skills.

Even in the winter, children learn to dress themselves in winter gear!

Special Helper Days

Special Helper Days

  • Approximately three times a year your child will be the classroom Special Helper.
  • One of these Special Helper days will be near his/her birthday (half birthday, if a summer birthday).
  • A parent or special adult can stay the school day with the child. (Unfortunately, not during COVID-19)
  • Preschoolers love and anticipate their Special Helper days and relish in showing off their classroom and all they are learning.
  • This is a great opportunity to see how the school day is scheduled, the curriculum being discussed, how your child interacts with their peers and how your child is progressing.
  • On these assigned days, you will bring in the snack for the day. (A monthly calendar with a daily snack idea is passed out prior to the month or check the "Calendar" tab). (Different during COVID-19)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Fall and spring conferences are planned to share assessments and progress of your preschooler.

Chapel Time

Pre-kindergarten classes visit the church sanctuary monthly to listen to a Bible story, sing songs and play hand bells.

Field Trips

(Unfortunately, not during COVID-19)

  • Two all-school field trips are planned each year.
  • These field trips are special because the children bring along a parent or special adult to accompany them.
  • In the fall we visit the Hanover Fire Station and a nearby apple orchard with an educational program.
  • In the spring we visit an educational farm or Como Zoo.
  • School buses are used for transportation and many children love the experience!
  • Pre-kindergartners experience an additional local field trip.

Yearly Events (Some changes during COVID-19)


  • Preschool begins
  • Visitation Day
  • Parent Orientation


  • Spaghetti Supper/Open House Fundraiser
  • Fall Field Trip to fire department and an apple orchard
  • Picture Day
  • Pumpkin Parties with costumes


  • Grandparent's Day
  • Thanksgiving Feast Day
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences


  • Christmas Programs


  • Registration for next year for current families
  • Public Open House & Registration Night


  • Valentine Party
  • Pre-K Pizza Field Trip


Family Night Singing Programs


  • Easter Celebration
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences


  • Spring Field Trip to farm or zoo
  • Settler's Park Walk and Play
  • Preschool ends week before Memorial weekend
  • Child care ends one week after preschool ends

Check our 2019- 2020 Calendar for exact dates.

Summer Break


New preschool/child care forms mailed out


Enrollment/Emergency forms due


Hanover Harvest Fest - 1st Sat. in August